At Elite Strength and Fitness we believe personal training is just that, "personal". No two people are alike, therefore no two programs should be the same. Our approach is tailored to each individual and constantly revised to ensure you are achieving your goals!  Our trainers are more than just trainers, we are here to support, motivate and educate you throughout your journey. Whatever your goals may be, the team here at Elite Strength and Fitness are the ones to get you there! 

Your consultation and first session is free, so don't delay, book in now and start your health and fitness journey.



Don't want to train on your own? Why not grab a couple of your friends, colleagues or family members and train together. Training with other people can be a great motivator, so grab a few mates and come give it a go! See and feel for yourself the many positive effects regular exercise brings! Our studio can accommodate small groups of up to six people.

Contact us now and see how much fun group training can be!



If strength is your goal, you've come to the right place. Our personal trainer Adam, has over ten years of competitive powerlifting and coaching under his belt. Whether you would like to try some powerlifting style training or you are interested in going all the way and competing, we have the knowledge and the facility to get you there! The feeling of strength is like no other, come and try it out for yourself!

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Can't get to Elite Strength and Fitness?

  Can't make it to Elite Strength and Fitness? Perhaps you're not Sydney based? Never mind, our team of personal trainers can set you on the path to achieving your goals wherever you may be! Our online personal training is the next best thing to having your own PT. Maximise your time in the gym, and get the most out of your membership by letting us take the guess work out of your programming. Once you have inquired, we will be in contact with you for your free consultation! 

  This consultation will include your pre-exercise screening and questionnaire, to ensure that we have as much information as possible to tailor a plan specifically for you. One of our expert team of Personal Trainers will assess your current training and nutrition regime, and also field any questions you may have in regards to the process of online personal training.

  Our programs are designed to suit each individual client, no run of the mill, generic programs here! We will design the program around your lifestyle, where you train (home or gym) and the amount of times per week you are able to train. Your online program also includes ongoing weekly check-ins, unlimited email support, and access to our closed Facebook group, where you can chat with other members of TeamElite, share experiences, and stay motivated!

  We also cater to strength sports athletes, so if you're into Powerlifting or Strongman, contact us today to see how we can help you via the online process!

  All programs are a minimum of 12 weeks, and your results are our main priority. We take into account every detail around lifestyle, work, fitness levels and goals to ensure you achieve, and exceed all of your expectations! our programs are easy to follow, and our ongoing support will keep you motivated every step of the way! So regardless of where you are, or where you train, your program is tailored to you and the equipment you have at your disposal.


Weekly check-ins

Video analysis 

Unlimited Email support

Phone support

Closed, client only Facebook group


No joining fee. 

Online coaching is $100 / Month, for a minimum commitment of 3 months (payed weekly). 

1 Month notice of cancellation. 

Full terms & Conditions will be emailed upon commencement of training.


Our online personal training is suited to those who are truly motivated to achieve their desired goals. You must be willing to work hard, remain accountable, and be committed to your program. Be open and honest in your weekly check-ins, and under the guidance of our team of expert Trainers, you will achieve your goals! 



Contact us now to book your free consultation. Get the ball rolling on your journey to a stronger, fitter and healthier you! Our expert coaches will be in contact with you ASAP!